This is an unfortunate but necessary ending to a long road for funnyman Dane Cook. Back in October the comedian's half-brother and former manager, Darryl McCauley, was sentenced to five to six years in prison for stealing millions of dollars from Cook. I guess the saying is true.  Mo' money mo' problems!

McCauley pleaded guilty in a Massachusetts court to 27 counts of larceny, three counts of forgery, and single counts of embezzlement, uttering and conspiracy. OUCH! Dane Cook's sister-in-law, Darryl's wife Erika, has been charged with larceny by scheme and receiving/concealing stolen property for allegedly aiding and abetting her husband. She has been sentenced to two and a half to three years in prison.

This weekend they were both sentenced to pay back 12 million in restitution to Cook. What were these two thinking?? Did they really think no one would notice $12 million missing? If you can't trust  family with the handling of your money, who can you trust?