Don't think for a second that top NHL prospect, Connor McDavis doesn't know about die-hard hockey fans in Buffalo, New York.

After all, he has been playing for the Eire Otters right down the street for a couple years now and Sabres-county is the closes NHL team to him living right down the 90. The Buffalo Sabres successfully tanked the 2014-2015 season which, gives them the best chance to the best two players in the draft this June--either McDavid or Jack Eichel.

Connor was asked about going to possibly one of the first 5 picks in the draft and this is what he had to say about going to the Buffalo Sabres if that is what happens this June.

According to the Buffalo News:

On the Sabres having the highest odds: "I hope it works out for them (Buffalo) – even if they don’t win they’ll end up with either myself, Eichel or whoever – they’re still going to get a very good player. If it’s me then I’ll be more than honored to go there – I’ll be so happy – but if it’s not then they’re going to get a very special player.


Reflecting upon his team's game in Buffalo in October: "I think you just got a sense of what a hockey town they are and how much they love hockey and how passionate they are . We were just a junior team rolling through – not really sure how the fans are going to react or if we were going to get any fans at all.  I think the number of fans that came out and the support they gave us was a real sign that they’re a real hockey city."