It's finally happening Buffalo! Chef's Italian Restaurant is becoming mobile.

If you happen to be walking down a street and smell the unmistakable scent of spaghetti parm, then keep an eye out for a 36-foot-long red Freightliner because "Chef's On the Go" will not be too far away.

With the popularity of food truck service in Buffalo, Lou Billitier Jr., co-founder of Chef's, decided to take a leap of faith into the rising trend.

"I figured now is the time to do it," said Billitier. "This is a trend that's not going away anytime soon, if at all. The future of food service is food trucks."

Can we expect to see more of Buffalo's popular restaurants opening up their own food trucks in the near future? We were going to open a Jack FM truck, but we would only serve you what we want.