Apparently a sitcom made of Tigers Blood, Winning and Ryan Miller's Wife Noureen DeWulf can't fail. Charlie Sheen's new sitcom, Anger Management is "testing overwhelmingly positive" and just might be a hit!

Audience screenings showed an 80 percent approval rating for Sheen as an unorthodox therapist and screeners polled said they were actually rooting for a Sheen comeback. It would be the ultimate F.U. to CBS and the 3 and a Half Men producers.

DeWulf will play a spoiled rich girl sentenced to court-appointed anger management classes for shooting her cheating boyfriend. Sheen plays a former baseball player with anger issues who becomes an unconventional anger management counselor.

So are you rooting for Sheen? Will you at least tune in to see Ryan Millers wife? And I hate to say it...But if you were Ryan Miller, would you be happy about your wife working with Charlie Sheen every day?