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Get your popcorn ready for what should be an all-time great roast on Comedy Central. Charlie Sheen, seemingly the most notorious name in Hollywood lately, will be roasted by a panel of comedians September 19th. #winning

 Sheen has said himself, "It's going to be epic," and assured that nothing would be off limits. Over the past few months, Charlie has provided more than enough roast worthy material. Whether it was his public cocaine use, sexual promiscuity, or his ego, Sheen had people talking.

Charlie Sheen was born Charlie Irwin Estevez, brother to Coach Gordon Bombay err Emilio Estevez. He is most known for his acting in the films Platoon, Major League, and Scary Movie. Most recently, Sheen had appeared as a lead actor on the sitcom Two and a Half Men before being fired for his personal actions. If you're on Twitter, you can use the hashtag #SheenRoast to talk about the upcoming event.

Watch Sheen's interview with ABC:

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