Oh YES!!! It's that time of the year again, except this year it's a little more special that all the other ones, It's JACK FM's 10th Birthday Bash at Mickey Rats and Capitan Kidds on Memorial Day has finally arrived. The fun starts at Noon with were sure to be millions... ok maybe thousands... or just a couple people ofr us and whoever wants to go to the beach that day... will be celebrating as no 10 year old ever should. With booze, babes, and mankinis.

Mom finally let us drop the crazy clown act, but she is keeping the drinking!! So get on your sexy suits (yes that doesn't mean your tightest most flattering mini Spedo, and suspenders)... and get your little bottoms to the beach.

You know we are always good for something, will have the Jack-Pot Machine out there with a bunch of stuff from Bud Light, Capitan Morgan, JACK FM and more... by "more" we mean sand and seashells and stuff

Mickey Rats and Captain Kidds, open their doors sometime around 11 a.m. depending on how raging the party got the night before. It is Memorial Day weekend so you never know.. Everyone that matters will be partying hard with JACK FM on Memorial Day!!! See you there in your beach wear... we'll be wearing ours and we just might find out who has the biggest "Stones" on the beach.

Oh yeah, and if you're not sure what to wear check out our Swimwear post, Kate Upton does a fine job modeling the perfect bikini ideas!!!