We're not saying it's wrong to look, it's just wrong to look through a camera lens while broadcasting on national television.  Tuesday night's game between the Miami Heat and the Chicago Bulls caught a peeping camera man searching the crowd for particular kinds of women.

Basketball fans were treated to a live feed of one of  TNT's cameramen  blatantly using the tool of his trade to check out the women in the crowd at Miami's American Airlines Arena.

For a few seconds, the focus of his zoom lens was a blonde in a dark blouse. But when another blonde in a lower cut top returned to her seat a few rows away, the cameraman quickly shifted his attention to her.

The show only lasted about ten seconds, before TNT realized what was going on and cut to a title screen. Although the camera man was surely punished, maybe even fired, we salute him for his ingenious style. If he was let go, we may have to hire him.

Check out the video below