We never thought turning 10 showed so much skin! Memorial Day marked the beginning of the 10th year that JACK FM has be mocking and ridiculing radio in Buffalo, Niagara Falls and all around Western New York. This year we decided to do it big!!!!

We had help from Bud and Bud Light, Capitan Morgan, The Law offices of William Mattar and The Greater Buffalo Honda Dealers and spun the JACKPOT machine for a ton of prizes and even treated (we use that term loosely) some to their first ever Mankini Contest giving the traditional "Bikini Contest a little extra balls... we actually all balls but still.

It was a day that people will remember... or at least try really hard to forget. The image of Freeloader Joe's Mankini is probably scared your eyes beyond all repair.

To be honest... the massive amount of laughter and smiles that it created were worth every thread in that tiny piece of fabric. Thanks for supporting JACK FM and celebrating 10 years with us... if you or your friends have picture or video of this event you would like to share please do!