Football, futbol, soccer -- whatever you want to call it, Buffalo has a team that plays it.

FC Buffalo is part of the NPSL and has been around for about four years now. They're locally owned and made up of the best players WNY has to offer, from amateur to college players and local players rising in the ranks nationally. Not only are they a great team and fun to watch, they are always willing to give back to the community. Whether introducing the game to at-risk youth or running clinics for clubs and school teams, they stand behind their motto: "For Our City".

This weekend, FC Buffalo travels to Detroit to play in the NPS Great Lakes Division Playoffs, and they need your help. There are plenty of soccer fans here in Buffalo that may not be able to make the trip to cheer on their hometown team, so the next best thing is a live stream for all to enjoy. Unfortunately there are some costs involved, so in order to help out, a Kickstarter online fundraiser has been set up to raise the necessary money to make this live stream happen.

FC Buffalo is a third of the way to their $1,200 goal, so anything you can do to help out a local grassroots organization would be much appreciated!