You've heard the Breakfast Club as well as other WYRK personalities talking about Buffalo On Tap, a craft beer festival happening on April 20. Me, I'm usually a Miller or Coors Light kind of guy. When I'm feeling fancy, it's Stella, Amstel, Harp or Guinness. But these craft beers are becoming more and more popular.

Go into a bar and see how many taps they have. It's not just Blue, Canadian and Something Lite. There are lots of taps with all these flavorful craft beers made by smaller breweries.

So just what is a craft beer? Let this video help you out!


- Craft brewers provide close to 109,000 jobs in the U.S. (that's brew pub servers included).

- Over 13 million barrels of craft beer were sold in 2012. That's up from just over 11 million in 2011.