It's Monday... time for some Mon-Sense with Freeloader Joe

The team of Liz, Jill, Amanda, Nick, Greg, Ameshia and Myself went out to Orchard Park to take in The Exit Rooms: A Buffalo Escape Room.

I had the opportunity to check out something I have always wanted to try. You get locked in a room and have to decipher clues to find the exit and you only have an hour before the police arrive! Ok their are no actual police... but it's the fun that you have doing it that counts.

The Team and myself managed to get out in 53 minutes which from what they said was the fastest time (I think they were trying to stroke our radio ego a little bit) We did manage to escape and we did manage to find what we were looking for. I highly recommend this to a group of people who like to use their imagination and have a little fun. Now stop reading and watch the video already!!!!