Two Buffalo City Workers, whose job it is to repair parking meters, used thier knowledge to bilk the city of about $200,000 worth of quarters over the last 8 years according to the FBI. Silly me,  thinking it was the city robbing me blind when I parked downtown all these years. The FBI raided the homes of James Bagarozzo and Lawrence Charles where they found Tens of Thousands of dollars in cash and coins. In a story that can only be described as "too good to be true", Bagarozzo alledgedly had about $3000 in quarters and $4,100 in cash stuffed in his ceiling tiles (the Chex hockey and Tron Video game should've been a dead giveaway). 

So it begs the question, what took the city  so long to figure this out? According to reports, an audit of the system identified the missing money last February. So it took them 7 years to figure out that $200,000 was missing???? Whose their accountant? Bernie Madoff!!!

It's another laughable tale of City Government at work. Two employees who are paid by taxpayers, trying to illegally gain more of our hard earned dollars. The City of Buffalo is hardly in a positon where it can lose taxpayer money. It's bad enough we can't trust our politicians with our money, now we have to worry about city employees too. As if we didn't hate the city parking enforcement people enough. Hey if these guys were just taking a few office supplies home, we'd be happy to let them have a few sharpie's and legal pads, but this is ridiculous.

But give the FBI and the city some credit for at least stopping the pilfering. Now if we can only stop everybody else from reaching into our pockets when we park.