It's no secret that Buffalo is a Bruce Springsteen kind of town, we are a blue collar, hard working community that has always been there for one another. Buffalo gets lucky on Friday the 13th as The Boss rolls into town for another sold-out show on Friday April 13th at the First Niagara Center with his legendary E Street Band and JACK FM has  your chance to win tickets on our Freeloader page!
Springsteen also has a new album hitting shelves next Tuesday March 6th titled 'Wrecking Ball'. This album calls out Wall Street's corruption and the hard times that it has brought onto the American public while bankers and investors are gambling with our money and winning...for themselves. The opening track 'We Take Care of Our Own' poses a great question.

Do we really take care of our fellow Americans? Sure, when there is a natural disaster, the country comes together pretty quickly to help out communities we may have never heard of. When a neighbor or a friend is sick, we are there to take care of them.

But as a whole, are we really taking care of ourselves? Large corporations have a stranglehold on the government and politicians are lining the pockets of the people that paid to get them into office instead of looking out for the ones that actually voted for them. Banks are foreclosing on hard woking people's homes and receiving bailouts from the government at the same time. Billions of dollars are being sent overseas to help other countries out of debt or to rebuild after a war or natural disaster, yet our schools are failing and teachers are being laid off. Jobs are going to foreign countries almost as fast as our money.

Are we really taking care of ourselves?

The album comes out tomorrow, but each day this week you can listen to a new podcast about the making of 'Wrecking Ball' from The Boss himself.