Next week, Boy + Kite make like every other rock band on the planet and play SXSW. Fortunately, the foursome hails from Austin, so while they'll watch their hometown become temporarily overrun with hipsters and industry types, they won't have to deal with airport security beforehand.

And that's not the only good news for this artsy-yet-accessible indie rock outfit, which traces its origins to the serendipitous 2009 meeting of founders Darvin Jones and Beth Puorro. (It happened in a hot tub! Read their bio.) Next Friday night, when the group performs as part of an official SXSW showcase at Parish Underground, they'll preview songs from the EP 'We Can Go Anywhere We Want,' due out March 19.

Produced by Nada Surf keyboardist Louie Lino, the five-song set marks the follow-up to Boy + Kite's locally acclaimed 2011 debut album, 'Go Fly.' From the eagerly awaited EP comes 'Fall,' today's free MP3, one of those classic indie-pop earworms whose catchiness and supreme likeability mask some pretty weighty subject matter.

"'Fall' happens to be about a death in the family but aspires to an optimistic perspective," Jones tells "It describes what it would be like to know that you're dying and to try and shape the attitude you'd have on the way out. Reality lies in our minds, so why not choose to make the world seem really small in the face of death?"

Speaking of making the world seem small, Boy + Kite are guest blogging for during SXSW, so if you can't make it to Austin this year, check back next week to read their dispatches and get some vicarious kicks. (You'll have to provide your own beer and tacos.)

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