Question: Will not having Richie Sambora in Bon Jovi hurt ticket sales?

Answer: Not yet.

It's a good thing they named the tour 'Because We Can', because Bon Jovi can and are on their way to setting another record for concert grosses in a single year.

Yes, ticket sales in North America are a little soft, but Mr. Bongiovi is making money hand over raised fist in Europe and Asia.

Remember, when Bon Jovi plays Buffalo, they play to 15,000-20,000...on a good day. Overseas, they play to sold-out stadiums holding 90,000 on a bad day. Add t-shirt sales, and everyone's a billionaire.

Except for Richie, who must not like this very much.

Maybe he'll get back with his band, maybe not.

At this point, it's not a major concern to the management.

That is, until the ticket sales slow down -- then look for a great big happy reunion!

Rob Harrison, Getty Images