Over the past two seasons we've seen Buffalo Bills quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick go from a clean shaven Harvard graduate to a burly looking mountain man with a beard thick enough to stop bullets. Ryan is not alone in his quest for facial hair dominance. Several other professional athletes have decided show their best Grizzly Adams impersonation.

We have Ryan Fitzpatrick going up against two of the better know beards in all of professional sports.  Does Ryan's beard measure up?  Vote at the bottom of the page.

Ryan Fitzpatrick - Buffalo Bills

For the second year in a row Ryan Fitzpatrick of the Buffalo Bills has decided to let his facial locks grow until the end of the season.  Could this be where all of his athletic ability lies?  If he shaves will he be doomed to failure?  Well for the past six weeks things have not been going well for Ryan so maybe the beard is more of a bust?

Brian Wilson - San Francisco Giants

Brian began growing his jet black beard during the 2010 Major League Baseball season and soon Giant's fans across the country began to mimic him by showing up for games with fake beards.  Because of its overwhelming popularity Brian decided to carry his beard over to the 2011 season.

Brett Keisel - Pittsburgh Steelers

Brett plans on growing his massive beard until he has a Super Bowl ring on his finger. The 9 year pro out of BYU has said "I think it is bar none the best beard in sports. I'm not trying to brag, that's just my opinion." [ksl.com]