"The Green Lantern" opens in theaters today. Will it be a flop? Or will it gross $100 Million? As we have seen in the past, making good superhero movies doesn't always turn out "Super". Here's Jack's Top 12 Bad Superhero Movies:

12. Fantastic 4

This movie stars Jessica Alba in tight clothes, so it really wasin't so bad.

11. The Green Hornet

Seth Rogen acting as a superhero is just wrong on so many levels. Stick to comedy my friend.

10. Superman IV

The "Quest for Peace" should be the "Quest for Deceased" after this horrific thing they call a movie.

9. Batman & Robin

Seriously? Arnold again?? When will movie producers finally realize that he just sucks at acting. The Terminator is an exception, although it is a very small one at that.


I have to admit, the trailer doesn't seem half bad.. don't you just love movies that give away all of there best scenes in the trailer?

7. Batman-The Movie

Are you serious Batman?! Just get rid of the dam bomb. This is why old school superhero movies suck, do you really think a bomb would have lasted that long without exploding? Come on! Oh don't you worry, Batman will get rid of that bomb! No matter how many people he runs into!

6. Elektra

Remember that one show called "Xena: The Warrior Princess?" Well it's back in this film, although the warrior is called Elektra and she will never be as popular as Xena... Nice try though.

5. The Punisher

Sometimes comic books should remain on paper, and NEVER make it to the big screens! The Punisher is a perfect example, it wasn't good in '89 so why would it be any better 15 years later!

4. Catwoman

Halle Barry dressed as a cat just really isn't a good look for her. She could have been the eye of the tiger and it would have made more sense.

3. Barbwire

Whoever said sex sells, was entirely WRONG! Thank you Pam Anderson for having enormously huge boobs and still not being able to sell a god damn video! Do yourself a favor, and stick to your home made porn videos instead girl.

2. Supergirl

My god, this film is so eye blinding that I can't even finish watching the trailer. What a disgrace to movie production and women as well.

1. Steel

We think that Shaq should not only retire from basketball but also from acting! This movie is Jack's number one worst Superhero movie, due to just how much of a horrible actor and how lame this film actually is.