Ok I LOVE Bacon!  I can admit that.  With that said I’m not sure I love it that much I would want them to go and make Bacon Mouthwash.  Yes you read that correctly – Bacon Mouthwash.  

Are you thinking I just might be crazy?  So did I!!  So here’s the deal.  Today I saw a video of a Scope ad for a brand new product called Bacon Mouthwash.  I watched all the way till the end thinking there would be like a catch or saying they were just joking!  There wasn’t anything.  Apparently after searching the internet to determine if the product was real or fake I found out that Scope plans to debut this new product around April 1st.  First thought I had was this had to be an April Fool’s joke but after further research I have found that the parent company to Scope “Procter & Gamble” have been claiming it is a real product!  They have even gone as far as to tweet nonstop about the new product and even set up the Bacon Mouthwash webpage!  That’s a lot of work for just an April fool’s prank if you think about.  Check out the You Tube Video and you tell me if this is just a prank or we might really start seeing Bacon Mouthwash on the shelves at the grocery store soon!!!