Anderson Cooper apologized if he offended anyone in Buffalo for his Dyngus Day rant, but insists he wasn't calling Dyngus Day stupid.

"I think it's stupid that I couldn't stop giggling", Cooper said. "I really hope that people at that demonstration know I was not calling Dyngus Day stupid. There are tons of quirky and little known celebrations in this country and I enjoy them."

Eddy Dobosiewicz, the head of Dyngus Day Buffalo, accepted Cooper's apology and invited him to Buffalo to be our first ever Pussy Willow Prince. Cooper said that he would be happy to be the Pussy Willow Prince, and will make every effort to attend next year's Dyngus Day Celebration should his schedule allow. Which is a nice way of saying, he'll be celebrating in Atlanta. Watch the video and let us know if you accept Cooper's apology.