He's braved wars and natural disasters in his sawbuck vest and plaid flannels. He's become one of the most respected names in journalism with his manly in-the -trenches reporting, and the women love him...until now. Anderson Cooper's inability to control his laughter after making cheesy Gerard Depardieu puns last week wasn't the problem. It's the way he laughs. Not very attractive. Cooper claims that he always giggled like a 13 year old girl. First off Anderson, no man should giggle. And if you do giggle, don't do it on national TV. The good news is Cooper is keeping his sense of humor about it, so he'll likely recover. It was also nice to see the real person, not the talking head you usually get on TV news.  Just stay away from the Gerard Depardieu references, Anderson and you'll be OK. If you haven't seen the hilarious video, you can watch it here.