The release of Aerosmith's 'Music From Another Dimension' is just weeks away, and the new music has been leaking a little bit at a time. Now fans can hear another new track, 'Out Go the Lights,' through an exclusive premiere at Rolling Stone.

Steven Tyler says the new track is classic Aerosmith. "We put that together with our old Seventies head, and it came out so good," he tells Rolling Stone. Along with recently revealed new songs like 'Street Jesus' and 'Love XXX,' 'Out Go the Lights' does suggest the group may have succeeded in their stated goal of returning to the classic Aerosmith sound, but with a twist. 'Walk This Way,' it ain't, but 'Out Go the Lights' is far better than most of the bland dreck Aeromsith focused on for so many years.

The song centers around a funky drum track married to a blues-funk guitar riff, which definitely sounds old school. Add in some female backing vocalists, horn shots, and lyrics about sex (what else?), and the result is like 70s Aerosmith meets 'Love in an Elevator.'

"There was something about that tempo --  it's got that funk that we do," Joe Perry adds. "It just wouldn't leave us alone." The group proceeded with the working title 'The Guilty Kilt,'  and recorded the track in Boston during the summer of 2011. Steven Tyler re-worked the title and finished the lyrics in Maui, adding his trademark swagger as well as a killer lead vocal and some harmonica to round out  the track.

Lyrically the song is somewhat predictably sophomoric, with a Spinal-Tap-worthy reference to the old line about "liquor in the front, poker in the back." But it does have the trademark Aerosmith sense of humor, as with the line, "Given up women and whiskey, now you ain't got nothin' at all." The song developed from a series of live jams, and it's not hard to imagine 'Out Go the Lights' as a centerpiece of the group's upcoming tour, especially since the entire latter half of the song is dominated by a long guitar jam.

"That guitar solo, that's it from beginning to end – no editing, no cutting, no two tracks, there's no nothin'," Perry states. "The groove was there, and it was just one of those things that went on."

'Music From Another Dimension' is due on Nov. 6 from Columbia Records.

Listen to 'Out Go the Lights' by Aerosmith at this link.