Today kicks off yet another new year. The start of something fresh. Something new. So can someone please explain to me why it’s another New Year’s Day where Sidney Crosby steals the limelight?

Sure, you may think I only write about high-profile athletes that I can’t stand. (If you haven’t read my blog on Tom Brady, please disregard.) But what can I say? I’m a Buffalo fan.

Seriously though, does anyone else find it completely unfair that Mr. Crosby and the Penguins get to be in ANOTHER Winter Classic? In four years, the Penguins get half of those games? Lame.

Yes, I realize that “The Kid” boosts the ratings. And The Kid versus Alex Ovechkin is a big draw. But the Chicago/Detroit Winter Classic pulled in big bucks – and the highest ratings for a hockey game – without either of the Gary Bettman’s golden boys.

I guess it goes back to what my mother always told me: “Life isn’t fair.”

Why is she always right?