It took me a little while to get over the horrifying  performances in Buffalo sports this weekend, but I am finally ready to talk.

If your name is Ryan then you probably should have sat this weekend out. Ryan Miller, Buffalo Sabres goalie, and Ryan Fitzpatrick, the quarterback for the Buffalo Bills who just signed a $59 million contract for six years, had possibly and hopefully the worst weekend of their season!

On Saturday night the Buffalo Sabres played the Boston Bruins. A game that started out good with Buffalo on top after the 1st, turned into a 6-2 Buffalo massacre.  I will not to put all the blame on Miller considering his team could have helped him out a bit but come on Ryan, I would have thought that after taking that hit in the first you'd be out for blood, or at least a Win! And to the Buffalo Sabres... How could you let your goalie take a hit like that and then continue to suck for the rest of the game! I was ashamed....

So on to Sunday... After getting over the massacre Saturday night I started to get excited about my beloved Buffalo Bills... Only to be once again let down. Every play was worse than the last. COME ON FITZ! What the heck are you doing?!... I'm hoping the game against Dallas was just a product of brothers sharing good information, because if I have to go through another weekend of watching the Bills lose due to our $59 million QB that can't throw a completion to save his life, I might just die!... This is unacceptable.

Ryan, get yourself together!... That goes for both of you!