Now I know that we play a lot more than just rock music here at jack but I was feeling nostolgic today and was trying to think of the first releases by 90's bands that didn't put them on the map....Most times the band had to wait for the second single release, or even the next album to gain recognition.

Wow! Soundgarden has changed and while their third studio album wasn't a gi-gun-dus hit neither was the frist single off it "Jesus Christ Pose" in fact the video pretty much got booted off MTV because of it's perceived religious themes.  Even "Outshined" and "Rusty Cage" only gained minimal airplay. It wasn't until the Soundgarden's 94 release "Superunknown" that the band started to be noticed. Ironic. Maybe 1991 was too crowded with Nirvana and Pearl Jam?


Yes, Faith No More!  Ok so I'm cheating a little, "epic" got released in 1990 and the frist single off "the Real Thing" was released in 1989. It was called "From Out Of Nowhere". Its pretty much stayed nowhere also. I think I saw a video for this song once and I never heard it on the radio. To this day the only song I ever here is "epic", how sad because Faith No More once opened for Gun's n Rose's and Metallica.  Okay maybe Faith No More isn't a supergroup but man they have one hell of an underground following.


Stone Temple Pilots rocked but do you ever here "Sex Type Thing" on the radio?...No...In fact it only got to number 23 on mainstream rock radio charts. "Plush" the bands second single went to number one and with it brought mo' money and mo' problems.  I think I might go home and pop that tape in to ...oh yeah I don't have a tape player any more.


Back in 1994 an English band named Oasis quietly put out the single "Supersonic" Okay not to quietly. The song did fairly well, but it wasn't until Wonderwall was released a year later that the Gallagher brothers suffered from giant head syndrome. Appearantly it's a disease you get when you're a band from England that makes it big in the US (see also: radiohead, Beatles)


Okay so I was running out of bands and just wanted to include White Zombie. The single "Thunderkiss '65" was released in 1992 and was like the sound of one hand clapping. Awkward and not that noticable. It was until a cartoon dou named Beavis and Butthead played White Zombie's video on their show that the band received any attention. The single was re-released in 1993 and recieved a grammy nod in 1994. That's a long time for one song. Rob Zombie's still puttin out tunes and sometimes remaking horror movies, but I never hear "Thunder Kiss '65" on the radio....ever.