It was the 1999 Buffalo Bills season and the opponent was the Tennessee Titans. I'm sure you remember exactly where you were--for two reasons: 1.) That controversial final play and 2.) There's no playoff memories in between that game and now.

Now, the Buffalo Bills have the absolute slightest chance of making the playoffs, so it seems 17 years without a playoff game will happen. What was around back in 1999 anyway? (Or, how about what, wasn't around)



  • Grey's Anatomy

    Grey's has been on for 13 years and never the same year with a Buffalo Bills playoff game.

  • Floppy Discs

    Back in 1999 we were still saving stuff with a floppy disc. (What's a thumb drive?)

  • AOL Modems

    Remember when you could either be on the phone OR on AOL--never both at the same time. Kids these days would be in for a rude awakening.

  • Encarta

    Remember the online encyclopedia? Yeah, me either. Actually, what's an encyclopedia? Kids call that GOOGLE.

  • VHS Rewinder

    Those were around back when the Buffalo Bills were last in the playoffs.

  • Cell Phones

    While cell phones were actually around. In 1999 only 1 in 25 people had them....and you were probably playing that green-screened 'Snake' on your Nokia.

  • MTV

    When MTV actually played music videos. Remember running home after school to watch TRL?

  • Disposable Cameras

  • Booking Flights By Phone