A 74 year old man known as Chen, reportedly died post sex from accidentally swallowing his dentures with a 62 year old prostitute in Taiwan. Way to rob the cradle, Chen. The prostitute reported she and Chen had sex for about 30 minutes. He then got up from the bed, paid her and was about to put on his clothes when he suddenly collapsed.

"He fell back onto the bed. His eyes were open but he was not moving although I shook his body and tried to wake him up," said the woman.

Chen was rushed the hospital where he was pronounced dead and the Doctors later found his dentures in his throat.

First of all can we get a round of applause for Chen? A 30 minute session at the age of 74. That's REMARKABLE. Despite all the physical limitations that night, Chen rose above it all and delivered a performance for the ages. This is why old folks need like a 10 minute decompression time after they sex it up. Chen here knocked his rocks off and hopped out of bed like he was a spry young buck. Getting his old Taiwanese hooker her money and trying to put his teeth back in and put his clothes on at the same time proved to be too much.

Take it easy Chen!

Theres a reason why most people just roll over and go to sleep or chill out and smoke a cigarette. Because doing anything else is dangerous. Post sex you stay away from sharp objects, open flames, and you sure as hell dont put dentures or anything else in your windpipe.

Surefire way to kick the bucket.

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