Now that Jack FM is turning seven, we’re old enough to lose the face painter and that drunken clown mom hires every year. Instead we hired Jimmy Buffett tribute band Northern Harbor to perfectly recreate the sounds of Jimmy Buffett. We thought Jimmy Buffett was perfect for a Memorial Day beach party. But the actual Buffett wasn't available and wouldn't work for a bar tab. So here's 7 songs we want to hear Northern Harbor play from Jimmy Buffett at our 7th Birthday Beach Bash this Monday.

  • 1


    Duh, no brainer. Is there a more perfect drinking song written for the beach? Ladies in bikini's, us in our thong and a tasty margarita on hot summer afternoon.

  • 2

    Cheeseburger in Paradise

    Not only does this song make us hungry, it reminds us that Mickey Rats has some of the tastiest burgers and fries that taste even better after a few cold ones.

  • 3

    Come Monday

    In the song Buffett sings about heading to San Francisco on a long holiday weekend. There's something special about getting an extra day and rest assure "Come Monday, It'll be all right" on the beach with Jack FM.

  • 4

    It's 5 o Clock Somewhere

    This song has become a drinking anthem, and it wasn't even supposed to be a hit. Alan Jackson recorded it with Buffett on a greatest hits collection, and thanks to Buffett it became a party song.

  • 5

    Let's Get Drunk and Screw

    We wouldn't recommend using this song as a pick up line at the beach, but who knows, if it's going to work anywhere, Mickey Rats and Captain Kidds is the place.

  • 6

    Son of a Sailor

    Memorial Day Weekend is the start of boating season in Western New York and when you see all the boats docked at the beach Monday you'll realize why this song is a good fit.

  • 7


    A little Caribbean flavor, and a great song to dance too. We might even break out a limbo stick for this one.