I'm sure if you had a penny for every time you viewed a work of art and didn't quite "get" it, you'd probably have enough pennies to glue to a canvas and win a bunch of awards, right? If not -- well, then you are probably lying.

History has shown that there's always been a fine line between "artist" and "crazy," and in our growing culture of openness and expression, that line is even finer. According to a statistic I made up just now, 87.8 percent of people who visit art galleries don't have a single bleeping clue about what they're viewing but pretend that they do so they aren't tagged as the uncultured, unsophisticated idiot in the room.

For example, the Albright Knox used to have a small canvas hanging in one of their display rooms that was titled "Red Lipstick" and was meant to be taken quite literally, as the piece of art was nothing more than a canvas painted entirely in red lipstick. That's it. The woman standing next to me whispered, "That's beautiful," while I whispered, "WTF?"

So, forgive me for my lack of culture and sophistication, but I say that it's OK to not accept everything as art simply because someone says it is. As you know, art can range from paintings, to sculptures, to music, to poetry, to dancing and more. So here are the 5 most bizarre and weird works of art we could find on the internet.

1. On Space Time Foam

You know, just crawling around on plastic high up above the ground. Typical way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

2. The Artist is Present

What? Wait...what?

3. Chicago Bean

We're just supposed to accept that there's a giant reflective kidney bean sitting in the middle of Chicago?

Wright Way Photography/Flickr

4. Hickey Performance Art

This guy stripped down and stood still while strange women gave him hickies. Sounds like a pretty desperate way to get some action, eh? (Video Possibly NSFW. No nudity, just weird hickey-giving.)

5. Woman Who Paints With Her Own Vomit

The title pretty much says it all. Warning: Video is gross.