I made it through my last first week of college. Barely.

No, I wasn’t doing Jaeger bombs every single night, celebrating the fact that I am this much closer to being a real, grown-up adult and thus spending my week in a mix of a drunken and hungover stupor. I’m just bad at balancing my time and energy.

So to say I learned a lot from my first week back is an understatement, but I think I have a few tips for you on how to manage your time and not go so crazy.

  1. This video will make any rough moment a party. Seriously, this video is so awkwardly awesome (and it may or may not be the best thing to blast at 3 a.m. while you’re trying to balance work for your jobs and school).
  2. Sometimes I get really nervous that my life will soon mirror Hannah’s from HBO’s Girls, and I begin to have a mental breakdown. (I just only watched the first two episodes, so don’t ruin it for me!) And then I take solace in the fact I’m still in college and getting an education, and I love where I am. So, don’t get caught up in what’s to come. Just appreciate now, and go with the flow. Everything will work out. Just breathe. And then hope HBO makes a show about your life.
  3. Tackle one thing at a time. Even though I have so many things going on most days, I try to focus on just one thing at any given moment, whether it be talking about my diva-of-a-man professor’s sex life in class or trying not to cry thinking about my useless degree. If I’m stressing over a million things, nothing will get done, and I’m sure the same applies to you.
  4. If you ever feel sad, look up the hashtag #SpellYourNameWithoutVowels on Twitter. The struggle may be hitting you hard, but at least you haven’t hit rock bottom quite like that.
  5. A shot of Bailey’s (or two) in your morning coffee never killed anyone. Or a glass of wine with lunch. Or Jaeger diluted with Perrier as you try to beat the end-of-the-week blues during your last few hours in the office. Go ahead – I won’t tell.