America cried when Hostess filed for bankruptcy in late 2012. The idea of a world with no Twinkies was a little too much for the general public to handle, so they did what most of us do when we're upset -- they ran to the internet to protest.

And lo and behold, the Twinkie is back. But there are a couple things you need to know about the re-emergence of this pivotal food in American pastry history.

1. The new Twinkie will have a longer shelf life.

Before the bankruptcy, Hostess claimed that Twinkies lasted on shelves for 26 days. The new and improved Twinkie, however, can last up to 45 days on shelves. But who could seriously wait that long?

Twinkies, Facebook

2. It cost $410 million to get your Twinkies back.

While most would attribute the return of Twinkies to Facebook likes, hashtags and blog rants about the importance of Hostess pastries, equity firms Apollo Global Management and Metropoulous & Co. actually fronted the bill for America. Make sure to thank them by purchasing Twinkies in bulk.

3. Twinkies aren't the only Hostess food coming.

When Hostess filed for bankruptcy, we didn't just lose Twinkies. We lost HoHos, Donettes, CupCakes, Zingers and DingDongs. So those are all back, revamped and currently stocked at your local grocery stores too.

Hostess, Facebook

4. Over 5,000 U.S. retailers have Hostess treats in stock NOW.

This doesn't need much explanation, as you should already be running to a store. But for those of you low on gas or unable to get away from your desks, Wal-Mart claims that 1,600 of their stores have the pastries in stock, and the Associated Press reported that another 4,000 stores, including Kroeger and our favorite Wegmans, have them for sale.

5. Hostess' new owners are serious about you getting your Twinkies.

If you haven't yet checked out Hostess' new Facebook page, you should. The company has begun to incorporate social media into its marketing, and you can see Vine videos, Tweets and Facebook posts with opportunities to get discounted or free pastries. There's even a Hostess food truck visiting county fairs and musical festivals across the country -- and they're giving out free buttons and t-shirts to accompany the food.