There was a recent post on Reddit that caught my eye. In particular one from a person who lived here and has been gone for several years.  She's curious about moving back and asked people on the site what are their favorite things about the area since the recent "boom" as she described it.

Here are some answers that will either make you proud to be a Buffalonian; or if you're like her and thinking about moving back, you'll pack your bags and "come home!"  Here are some of my favorite posts:

1.  Change of seasons!

"I love the seasons, I love that our only natural disasters are blizzards and that we're prepared for them, I love every small town within 2 hours of here and their diner food (the best day trips). Honestly I wouldn't say that I've traveled a lot, but I've been around a little bit and Buffalo is where I feel like I belong. It's just home."

2.  A bigger-city feel but close to a small-town feel.

"I like that I can can be in an urban environment and then lost in the woods in a matter of 30 minutes. What's better, is I can go hiking in the hills and go to a beach in the same day. There are areas that are still natural as well, not trail ridden parks but just flat out nature.

My three favorite things about an area are leafy trees, hills, and flowing water. Wny has all three in abundance."

3.  Great scenery:

"The Niagara Gorge. It's seriously a first class nature destination."

4.  A City on the move!

"That every other week there seems to be a new project in the works.  Not just downtown and Elmwood either, but also all over the Westside, some of the Eastside and even the Outer Harbor.  If this was any other city, 75% of these projects wouldn't even be on anybody's radar.  It's pretty cool seeing neighborhoods that were left for dead seeing new life."

5.  This one is opinionated by I tend to agree...

"It's the greatest city on earth."

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