I was going to use this "diary entry" to talk about some of the bands I've seen so far, but in the middle of one of this afternoon's sets -- The Avett Brothers, the first act I saw on 'Roo's main stage -- I started to realize that two days into this four-day adventure is too soon to do so. I still have a TON of bands to see!

Instead, let's focus on another major piece of the festival: food. From the carnival-type stands hawking gyros and fried dough to the Food Truck Oasis (a.k.a., my dream come true) and Broo'ers Festival (a beer tent featuring a bunch of craft breweries), the food available at Bonnaroo is pretty varied.

My friends and I brought a bunch of snacks and drinks with us, but you can only get so far on water and trail mix, so we've been sampling the festival's offerings, too. Here are five of our favorites so far.

Option #1. Dave's Mini Donuts.

Freshly fried and sprinkled with sugar, these tasty little guys proved to be the perfect afternoon sugar rush. It's an added bonus that Sonic Cafe, where they're served, has a bunch of shaded tables and is right next to one of 'Roo's small stages.

Option #2. Crif Dogs.

My friend from Brooklyn, a hot dog afficianado, swears by these gourmet dogs (partially because they deliver to her apartment, but whatever). Naturally, their stand in Centeroo -- the main area of the festival -- was her first stop.

Option #3. Ben & Jerry's.

B&J make what's arguably the best ice cream ever (Cherry Garcia, of course), but I skipped my old standby and indulged in a bowl of Bonnaroo Buzz instead. They made the flavor specially for the festival.

Option #4. Loaded Grilled Cheese.

I devoured this triple-decker grilled cheese, stuffed with tomatoes and bacon, in approximately two minutes. 'Nuff said.

Option #5. Dunkaroos.

OK, OK, so Dunkaroos aren't actually available for purchase at Bonnaroo, but they should be. The '90s snack even has "roo" in its name! It was a no-brainer to my friends and me to pick up a couple boxes before leaving Buffalo.