Fact: Tennessee in June is hot.

Every morning since I arrived at Bonnaroo, I've found myself strategically plotting my outfits so that I achieve maximum protection from the sun while allowing the least amount of fabric possible to touch my body. "Napping in the shade" has turned into "laying down with my eyes closed and sweating." Before heading into Centeroo this evening for a marathon of Dispatch, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Skrillex, my friends and I loaded ourselves into the car and sat in the air conditioning for a few minutes, just to get a tiny bit of relief.

So, trust me, I understand that the heat can make you do crazy things. Some fellow Bonnaroovians, however, have taken it to an entirely new level of crazy -- or gutsy, depending on how you look at it -- with their clothing choices. And I've got photos to prove it.

Outfit #1. Loincloth Dude. Getting prehistoric on the farm.

Outfit #2. Bunny Ears Babe. I was unaware Easter was in June.

Outfit #3. Underwear Guy. Look, I know it's hot, but...really??

Outfit #4. Furry Boots Chick. My feet are sweating in sandals, so I'm not sure how she's dealing with having her feet encased in faux fur.

Outfit #5. Me in Face Paint. Yeah, I'm no exception to ridiculous outfit choices. I'm cool with that. 'Roo is a great excuse to be silly, so I'll take it.