The Buffalo Bills first preseason game is this Saturday against the Chicago Bears. With the first regular season game just over a month a way, we thought we'd scrap together a handful of reasons to look forward to Bills season.

5. New Uniforms. No longer do we have to watch the Bills lose by double digits in uniforms that belong on a CFL or Arena Football team. The new Uni's are clean, simple, and reminiscent of the glory days of Buffalo Bills football. How many wins are a new uniform worth? Well, none, but at least now they can lose in style.

4. #1 pick Marcel Dareus.The Bills defense was one of the worst in the NFL last year, but it should be improved this year thanks to Dareus. The 6'3 330 pound beast of a man should make the Bills defensive line formidable, especially playing beside Kyle Williams. If Marcel plays beyond the usual rookie limitations, the Bills defense could be one of the most improved in the league.

3. Stevie "Why So Serious" Johnson.Johnson blossomed last year in his first real opportunity as a starter in the NFL. While his play on the field was impressive, his personality was as well. After scoring a touchdown agaisnt the Bengals, Johnson lifted his jersey to reveal a shirt with "Why So Serious?" written on it, as a response to Bengal reciever Chad Ochocinco who refered to himself as "Batman." The Johnson/Evans wide receiver tandam should allow the Bills to score some points through the air this year. Even with the great year last year, Johnson's most memorable moment may be his drop on the potentially game winning touchdown in overtime.

2. Ryan "Fitzmagic" Fitzpatrick.Ever since Jim Kelly, the Bills have been looking for a long-term solution at QB. While the verdict is still out on Fitzpatrick, he is a fan favorite for sure. With his burly "lumberjack" beard and reckless abandonment on the field, Fitzpatrick represents what Buffalonians want to see on the gridiron. I think that while Fitz still has a lot to prove, everyone is pulling for him to succeed. With this theme song written by Buffalo writer Nick Mendola, how could he not?

1. Sundays at the Ralph. If there is one thing Buffalonians know how to do, it's have a good time, especially at a Bills game. There's nothing like the home opener. Everyone's hopes are sky high, and in every fan's mind the Bills are championship contenders until proven otherwise. Once the snow starts, the Ralph truly becomes a site to see with 80,000 fans full of liquid courage cheering on the team they hold dear to their hearts.

For the record, number one was going to be "Because the Sabres season is starting." I was feeling a bit optimistic about the Bills today, however, and decided to do a more positive list. Give them a chance, I think they could surprise this year......(runs and hides).