So apparently Amanda Bynes is in Buffalo.


Do I really care one way or the other?

Not really -- but I am wondering why (if it's really her) she's here in the first place. Here are my theories.

  • 1

    Luna and Kali

    Even crazy people can't resist cute polar bears.

    The Buffalo Zoo, Facebook
  • 2

    'The Best Man Holiday'

    They're filming at Ralph Wilson Stadium this weekend. Maybe she's actually here for work? (Yeah, OK, suuuure.)

  • 3

    The Sabres

    She came to see a playoff game.


  • 4

    The Richardson Complex

    [Insert psych ward joke here.]

    (That one was just too easy.)

    Richardson Olmsted Complex, Facebook
  • 5

    Because It's Buffalo

    ...And, really, it's the last place anyone would expect her to go.

    Angela Stefano