That pimp sure has a sexy tramp with him! Dogs and their owners have special relationships, so why not dress up with your pooch this Halloween season? Here are a few costume ideas that the two of you can enjoy while trick-or-treating. Don't beg too much!

Shaggy, Party City/Scooby Doo, Costume Craze

Shaggy and Scooby Doo really do enjoy those Scooby Snacks!

Yellow Brick Road, Costume Craze/Dorothy Dog, Buy Costumes

Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz is following the Yellow Brick Road -- and I don't want to know why it's yellow.

Diner Girl, Buy Costumes/Banana Split, Costume Craze

I'm not suggesting you eat your furry friend, but there's no denying that your pooch would make a darling banana split paired with your Diner Girl costume.

Luke Skywalker, Buy Costumes/Yoda, Costume Craze

The Force is strong with these two! This costume duo is a must for any Star Wars lover. "Feel the force" with Luke Skywalker and Yoda.