Day four of my Bonnaroo adventure started out rough. The rain began around 2 a.m. -- on the walk back from Skrillex and the Bonnaroo Superjam -- and at 7 a.m., it forced my friends and me awake and, after soaking the tent, made us take refuge in the car.

Add to that lovely wake-up call the fact that my friends and I are caked in dirt, face paint and grass, have slept in a tent for the last three nights and are totally exhausted -- and yet, don't want this weekend to end -- and you've got yourself a recipe for mental breakdown.

So when we headed into Centeroo in the afternoon, we were looking for a pick-me-up -- and, fortunately, the acts I saw more than obliged. In honor of that fact -- and because I should probably talk about the music I saw at this music festival at least once -- here are five of the best sing-a-longs I took part in this weekend.

Sing-a-long #1. "Karma Police," Radiohead.

Seeing Radiohead live was obviously a highlight of Bonnaroo, but listening to 80,000 people singing this song in the dark, illuminated by the stage lights, was, in a word, beautiful.

Sing-a-long #2. "The Girl," City & Colour.

My belief that this Canadian act is a well-kept secret went out the window the moment the large crowd gathered for their set began singing along with lead singer Dallas Green's every word. This song in particular, however, really got the crowd going.

Sing-a-long #3. "Hold On," Alabama Shakes.

This band's lead singer, Brittany Howard, had a voice that's just as strong live as it is recorded, so it's great to see this band getting much-deserved praise. The crowd that gathered for their set late on Thursday night went wild for this hit.

Sing-a-long #4. All of Ben Folds Five's set.

I will fully admit to being slightly biased in this choice -- I absolutely adore Ben Folds -- but anyone who saw the band's Sunday afternoon set should have no doubt that they know how to command an audience. The crowd was hanging on every word and took every chance to belt them out themselves.

Sing-a-long #5. "Higher Ground," Red Hot Chili Peppers.

This song is an instant party, so when the Chili Peppers broke it out during their Saturday night set, those out in the field just went crazy.

A final Bonnaroo wrap-up will be up later this week -- after I get all of the gunk off of my body. Tennessee dirt is wicked resilient.