Do you ever feel like the Buffalo Bills and Buffalo Sabres only exist to break your heart? Can’t take loss after loss after loss anymore? Do you spend your Sunday nights in a drunken stupor and cry your way into work Monday morning?

Don’t fret, Buffalo. This city has so much more to offer sports-wise than two failing teams. Sure, our other sports teams may not be winning championships just yet, but they’re on the upswing and are sure to make you forget “No Goal” and “Wide Right.”

  • The Buffalo Bulls

    Just in case you’ve been living under a rock, Buffalo is home to a Division I sports program at the University at Buffalo, and football season just started with the new semester. Declared “Unfinished Business” by head coach Jeff Quinn, the Bulls are already pleasing fans -- they held their own (and beat the spread!) against the nationally ranked no. 6 powerhouse Georgia Bulldogs, keeping the game close with a score of 45-23.

  • The Buffalo Bandits

    I’m not going to lie, I never thought I’d be into lacrosse. To me, it was always just a high school sport my friends played. But after going to a few Bandits games, I’m hooked. It’s basically hockey in sneakers (just in case we don’t have a Sabres season this year), but with 10 times more hitting and fights. And they play music during the games, urging the crowd to be as loud as possible. It’s an atmosphere unlike any other.

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  • FC Buffalo

    Did you Buffalo has a soccer team? I sure didn’t. But if "real football" is your thing, you can check out FC Buffalo. The team was started in 2009 and has gained quite the following. They play in an amateur league, and the team is owned by six Buffalonians who are passionate about their city and this sport. They’re not currently in season – they mostly play in spring or summer months – but check them out during that weird time of year without NFL or NHL games.

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  • Buffalo Hunters

    Frisbees aren’t just for playing catch with your dog anymore. Ultimate Frisbee – a sport that mixes soccer and football with flying discs – is on the rise, and its come to Buffalo. The Hunters, Buffalo’s only Ultimate team, is self-proclaimed as a “fans’ sport." They play not only for the fun of the sport, but also for the entertainment of their fans. The team also is named for Hunter Kelly (Jim Kelly’s late son) and dedicates itself to helping children affected by Krabbe disease – how cool is that?! Go check it out, but just watch out for the soaring saucers.

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