Okay, it's Mother's Day and I wanted to share My Mom with you and, in the process, come up with 250 words that describe her ... so here goes.

Todd Anderson


Awesome, loving, caring, the best, sweet, nurturing, Godly, fair, sunshine, beautiful, lovely, smart, precious, perfect, supportive, friend, parent, honorable, quiet, Blessed, wise, trustworthy, humble, truthful, independent, charming, delightful, magnificent, wonderful, amazing, extraordinary, remarkable, stupendous, adventurous, mannerable, polite, motivating, dreamy, neat, miraculous, essential, gorgeous, stunning, courageous, musical, patient, kind, unique, astounding, breathtaking, unbelievable, great, royalty, golden, bright, sensible, intelligent, encouraging, creative, considerate, strong, intense, fantastic, exceptional, super, incredible, amazing, surprising, incredible, reliable, righteous, respectable, noble distinguished, virtuous, cautious, faithful, dependable, esteemed, upright, sincere, genuine, truthful, dear, devout, saintly, attractive, attentive, mindful, proud, protective, admirable, amiable, benevolent, cordial, friendly, relentless, strong, Christian, fun, passionate, thoughtful, warm, concerned, likable, tender, fragile,  valuable, appreciative, fervent, sentimental, articulate, elegant, vivid, brilliant, sympathetic, understanding, resourceful, perceptive, discerning, nice, good, welcoming, admirable, becoming, commendable, fine, polite, pleasant, nifty, helpful, obliging, helpful, genial, cheerful, mild, easy, sociable, cool, mellow, desirable, engaging, agreeable, magnetic, glamorous, likable, enchanting, endearing, ravishing, exciting, delicate, exquisite, dainty, divine, adorable, agreeable, gratifying, aware, rare, civilized, soft, gratifying, jolly, happy, jubilant, joking, hilarious, festive, unyielding, exciting, triumphant, brave, bold, thrilling, great, spirited, vigorous, mindful, merry, upbeat, active, amusing, comical, boisterous, entertaining, funny, perky, animated, bubbly, keen, merry, playful, sparkling, zesty, scintillating, sparkling, witty, dazzling, clever, sprightly, gleaming, resilient, peachy, copacetic, positive, real, confident, decisive, expressive, complete, proper, glorious, forthright, conscientious, impartial, bona-fide, gifted, productive, hip, stimulating, prolific, superb, enjoyable, sensational, outstanding, dynamite, groovy, hearty, eager, earnest, glad. responsive, beaming, radiant, gratifying, incomparable, supreme, ideal, majestic, regal, fab, grand, luxurious, splendid, glowing, legendary, prodigious, striking,.. and lastly, My Mom is 100% LOVE.. 

Todd Anderson

My Mom is definitely every word mentioned here and it was well worth the time it took to come up with 250 WORDS THAT DESCRIBE MY MOM!

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