Just in case you've forgotten, the Super Bowl is this Sunday (February 3), and the Buffalo Bills are not playing, but your mom's neighbor is making her world famous chicken wing dip, which makes things a little bit better.

But you definitely don't want to be that guy or gal at the party who everyone regrets inviting, do you? Or perhaps you do! Well, it just so happens that Jack FM put together a very handy guide of what not to do at a Super Bowl party. So, if you don't want to be invited back next year, or just want play the role of party crasher, here are 12 ways to ruin a Super Bowl party:

1. Yell "WHEN'S HALFTIME??" every two minutes.

2. Reminisce about Janet Jackson's boob mishap that one time at that one Super Bowl with that one guy who used to make music but now acts and is still pretty hot except why did he marry Jessica Biel?

3. Shush everyone when commercials are playing even though literally every single one of them will be available the very next day for you to watch in the quiet ambiance of your office.

4. Stand in front of the TV inquiring if anyone wants to play Jenga.

5. Pass a calorie counter out to everyone at the party so they know how many grams of fat are in those mozzarella sticks.

6. Explain to everyone how, for the longest time, you thought hockey had quarters and football had periods.

7. Scream at the TV. Scream at the person next to you. Scream at your reflection.

8. Root for a team just because you like their jerseys better.

9. Bring rice cakes as your snack contribution.

10. Change the channel briefly during the game and mention that you are JUST CHECKING to see what else is on.

11. Discuss your Fantasy Football team at great length. Describe how you would have done things better than the coaches in your virtual, make-believe sports life.

12. Show up naked.