The other day, a co-worker said to me, “My family knows I’m not very Christian, so Christmas means one thing to me: PRESENTS!” Sure, a little vain, but kind of true in some ways. In honor of my brutally honest friend, I present to you my top 10 Christmas gifts that I’m hoping are under the tree.

  • 1

    A Trip To Bora Bora.

    Bora Bora - Facebook
  • 2

    Lots And Lots Of Diamonds. Big Ones.

    Diamond Ring via Flickr by ljv
  • 3

    All-Access Tickets To The Sabres.

    Buffalo Sabres - Getty Images
  • 4

    A New House.
  • 5

    Pearls. Real Ones.

    I’m not classy, but I want to pretend to be.
    Getty Images
  • 6

    Plastic Surgery.

    Hey, I work with a bunch of 20-somethings.
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  • 7

    Super Bowl Tickets.

    As long as the Patriots aren’t going to be there.
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  • 8

    A Trip To Toronto.

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  • 9

    An iPhone, iPad and iPod.

    Maybe we can get a discount if we buy all three.
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  • 10

    Peace On Earth.