From first time I watched Tim Burton's eerie, melancholic classic, Edward Scissorhands, I found Johnny Depp’s character frightening, creepy, strange...and super sexy.

Mind you, I was about nine years old at the time, which means that I wasn't old enough to even know what sexy meant or understand why I kept rewinding this scene and reenacting this scene. However, I was completely infatuated with him. I imagine that if I were on an online dating site at age nine, my profile would have read: “Seeking pale man with lots of scars. Fashion equivalent of Marilyn Manson. Oh, also must have scissors for hands.”

At first I thought I just liked his personality. Because while scary and odd-looking, he actually turned out to be naïve, sweet and gentle. Depp’s adorable quirkiness certainly didn't hurt either. However, as I grew older and branched out a little, I discovered a trend with my taste in men.

What trend you ask? EYELINER. Guys wearing eyeliner, specifically.

I know. I KNOW. But, I can’t be the only one, right? So, check out these 10 hot guys wearing eyeliner and try to disagree.


#1. Edward Scissorhands

I OBVIOUSLY had to put him first. Keep scrolling though; they only get hotter.

Edward Scissorhands/Facebook

#2. Spike in Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Spike, the bad British vampire from, in my opinion, one of the best television shows ever, is sexy. I had an unhealthy obsession with him from age 15 to age 27 (and I’m currently 27, so…). I don’t find the actor attractive whatsoever. But Spike? I’d happily hand over my O-negative and/or soul.

Spike a.k.a. William the Bloody/Facebook

#3. Jared Leto

Any time I get grossed out remembering Jared Leto’s nasty heroin veins from Requiem for a Dream,I just look at this picture and sigh for two hours.

Jared Leto TR/Facebook

#4. Barnabas Collins in Dark Shadows

Sorry, not done with Johnny Depp quite yet. This time, he plays a vampire (another trend of mine that possibly deserves its own post). You have to see this movie if you haven’t. Johnny Depp is his usual charming, quirky, adorable self, and I was still able to fall in love with him for the 1,047th time, even as a dead dude with a bad haircut.

Dark Shadows/Facebook

#5. Billie Joe Armstrong from Green Day

More like "Boulevard of Broken Sexy", amirite?

Billie Joe Armstrong/Facebook

#6. Khal Drogo in Game of Thrones

OK, so he borderline raped his wife on their wedding night. That’s not cool, Drogo, but you kind of made up for it when you did this.

Khal Drogo/Facebook

#7. Ewan McGregor

There are a slew of reasons why I love Ewan McGregor; him looking sexy in eyeliner is just one of them.

Yes Ewan McGregor we should be lovers/Facebook

#8. Brandon Flowers from The Killers

A Killers song began playing on my iTunes as I wrote this. IF THAT’S NOT SOME KIND OF FATE, then it’s probably just a coincidence. Anyway, I’m a big fan of The Killers. I remember first hearing their music and thinking that the singer sounded so hot. So, I looked him up and found out that he’s not just hot -- he’s dude-wearing-eyeliner hot.

Brandon Flowers/Facebook

#9. Ian Somerhalder in Vampire Diaries

I’m not 100 percent sure he wears eyeliner in the show, but he’s DEFINITELY wearing it in this pic, and that’s enough for me.

Ian Sommerhalder/Facebook

#10. Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean

I saved the best for last. He’s dirty, unkempt and usually drunk, but he's also quite possibly the hottest guy wearing eyeliner of all time.

Captain Jack Sparrow/Facebook