Anyone can dress as a nurse, witch or cat for Halloween, but if you really want to make an impact, go for something closer to home.

These Buffalo-themed Halloween costumes are sure to make a splash at any party and set you apart in a crowd of purchased costumes.

Nik Wallenda

Angela Stefano

All you need is a rain jacket, slippers and some sort of pole. Just like that, you've become the famous Niagara Falls tightrope walker.

Rick James

Rick James, Facebook

A simple wig can turn you into the “Superfreak” Buffalo native.

Buffalo’s Biggest Sports Fan

Bruce Bennett, Getty Images

Sure, this may be a bit of a cop-out, but it makes a great last-minute costume. Throw on your favorite Buffalo sports jersey and head to a party with confidence that you're the number-one fan.

Chicken Wing

National Buffalo Wing Festival, Facebook

Pay homage to the one of the greatest foods to come out of Buffalo with a chicken wing costume. Get some friends to join in on the fun by being a piece of celery and some blue cheese.

OJ Simpson

Ethan Miller-Pool, Getty Images

Be creative with this one! You can be OJ when he played for the Bills, OJ in jail now or OJ circa 1994, with the tight glove and all. For a great pair costume, have someone dress as OJ in a white Ford Bronco and someone else as a cop in a police car chasing him.

Buffalo Food Truck

Lloyd Taco Truck, Facebook

All you need for this costume is a cardboard box. Draw some wheels and write Lloyd, Roaming Buffalo, Whole Hog, etc. on the sides.

World’s Largest Disco Costume

Angela Stefano

Don’t let last year’s costume go to waste. Wear it one more time for a quick and easy Halloween ensemble.

Billy Fuccillo


Simply take a plain t-shirt and write HUGE on it. If anyone asks who you are, just scream out “HUUUUUGGEEEE,” and any Buffalonian will catch on.

Blizzard of ‘77


Grab a bottle of Snow in a Can and spray it all over your clothing. Voila! You're now someone who got stuck outside in the famous Buffalo storm.

Airport Plaza Jeweler Chicken

Airport Plaza Jewelers, Facebook

Dress as a chicken wearing some jewelry and say you escaped from the Airport Plaza Jewelers' commercials!

Contributed by Megan Ziemianski