There are a few companies going out of business around Western New York, in case you haven’t noticed. At least one of such companies has been around for years. It’s sad. It’s never a good thing when this happens. But, from what I see, I guess I can understand why they’re going under – they spend their money on dumb things. 

I was traveling down a road toward one of these stores this weekend. The side of the road was littered with sign after sign screaming, “Going Out of Business.” So imagine my surprise when, after about 10 lawn signs, I see a man holding a post with more of those signs. The same signs. Seems like frivolous spending if you ask me. I’m 99% sure that guy isn’t working for free. (Sidebar: On the same road, about a quarter of a mile down, there was another man doing the same thing for that store.) 

I’m singling out this one store because it’s been going out of business for what seems to be six months already. But I know I’ve seen it done before with other stores. So I can’t help but ask, do these sign holders really make that big of a difference? 

I’m no businessman (or woman), but I know that this seems ridiculous. Maybe these stores should hire the sign holders to make out their business plans instead – before the store is in trouble. Seems to me they’d do a better job.