My mother-in-law makes me laugh. She refuses to join Facebook for fear that the government may be watching. She told us she wants to "stay off the grid". I then pointed to her cell phone to remind her that she's definitely not off the grid, and made her watch in horror as we googled her name. Address, age --anything that was public record, right there for the world to see. And as if her big brother conspiricies weren't bad enough, she's about to learn that Google has been monitoring her online activity for thier own financial gain.

Turns out Google has an application that monitors your searches and does a pretty good job of guessing your age, gender and interests correctly based on your searches. I just ran the search on my work computer and it nailed it (I'm afraid to see what it finds on my home computer). If you want to see how accurate Google is in guessing about you, click here to play along yourself. Let us know how it did in our Facebook comment section. Don't worry, it's not like Facebook is tracking you too.