If I were Michael Vick I would stay as far away from the Madden Football Cover as I could. Somehow Vick managed to escape his animal cruelty history, and rise to NFL MVP. I'm not sure he would want to be saddled with the Madden Curse again. But
ESPN Sports Nation is a holding a 32 man tournament in which fans vote on who gets to be the cover player for the 'Madden NFL 12' video game, and Vick has reached the finals. He might want to surrender to Cleveland Running Back  Peyton Hillis,  who did enjoy a breakout season in 2011, but is hardly a household name. Still, he still defeated Green Bay Packers quarterback and Super Bowl champion Aaron Rodgers 61 to 39 percent in the semifinals.

Final round voting runs through Mon, Apr. 25; and, remember, the last time Vick donned the Cover of Madden Football he broke his leg and eventually spent a few years in prison for Animal Cruelty. Take that into consideration when you vote, weather you're a Vick Fan or thought he got off easy.