Its that time of year again, and we all know what that means...


But while you are thinking of all the chaos and things you need to get done in the next 30 days, make sure you pay attention to what you stuff into your turkey, or you might end up with a mess.

The original insides of your turkey may have been useful to him while he was still alive and gobbling, but these intestines are not as appealing when they're served for Thanksgiving dinner, no matter how much gravy you drown them in. Be sure to carve those insides out before serving.

Try not to feed the cat or dog while you're stuffing your turkey, or you will end up with IAMS liver giblets and gravy, and believe me, it is not the gravy you want to eat. Then you will soon realize, after looking in little Whiskers' cat dish, that she is eating that homemade stuffing you have been slaving over for hours.

When reaching in the cupboard, keep your eyes peeled for what you are grabbing to stuff in that turkey, because although baby Jack might go crazy for those Gerber Strained Peas, I don't know that grandma and grandpa will feel the same way.

With all the stress of preparing that perfect Thanksgiving meal, a shot of whiskey might help you to relax. Just be careful that you are adding two cups of water to your pre-made stuffing and not two cups of whiskey, or your family will really be "floored" before the dessert is even out.

As well all know, accident will happen. Lets just hope that they do not ruin this year's celebration of Thanksgiving! Leave your comment below on the worst Thanksgiving experiences you have faced, and join Jack FM's Coalition to Save Thanksgiving on Facebook -- a division of the World Turkey Federation (WTF).

Alexandra Skomra contributed to this article