With summer in full swing, we know everyone wants that amazing beach body.  But, to what extent will you go, in order to get results quick! Word from the wise, know what you're doing before you go over board. Because, let's be honest you will probably have a friend that will be willing to put you on Youtube then you might just end up here as the example of "What not to do!" Check out our tips below... Oh, and as a side note, if your friend is someone who might follow the "What not to do", PLEASE have a camcorder ready! We need content, Thanks!

Tip #1-
Always have a spotter and make sure they know what they are doing! Just because you are dealing with professionals doesn't mean their reaction time will be good.

Tip #2-
Know how much you can lift. Never be embarrassed to start small because at least the weights wont kill you, and you wont be alone to fend for yourself.

Tip #3-
Do not lift until you pass out... it doesn't make you stronger.

Tip #4-
Make sure you know how to use the equipment correctly.  Making up your own moves should be saved for the dance floor... Well for most of you at least. The third video will show you exactly what I mean.

For those who don't know how to properly lift... Here is a How To Bench Press Video!! I know, we are too good to you.

Yet we also admit that it's not only you that can provide us with great material... But some of the best comedy comes from actual workout videos! Check out this Top 10 funniest workout videos!