Sure, the temperatures have dropped to be more March-like (I don’t care if we’re still “above average”), but I am yearning for the 80-degree days.

This past week was awesome. Awesome. Of course, that didn’t stop the complainers. My mom, for example, told me it was “too hot.” Really? Too hot? Sure, it was hot, but isn’t it so much better than being snowed in?

But all these record-breaking days that we had this week, and this winter for that matter, have got me thinking—is our summer going to suck? Wouldn’t that be devastating?

Think about it though. If we had a mild winter and a warm/hot spring, does that mean we’ll have a cold summer? Or a rainy one?

Summer is my most favorite time of year. I hate cold. I hate jackets and closed-toed shoes. And so I now lay awake at night, nervous to see what summer will bring.

Mother Nature seems to have a bit of a bipolar disorder this year. Let’s hope she takes her meds come May.