I don't think there's any doubt that winning the lottery can change a person's life, but unfortunately it can also lead to squandering and financial ruin.

So if you happen to have the winning ticket for tonight's Mega Millions Jackpot, it's important to have a financial plan ready to go. Experts say that after a lottery win, one of the first things to do is fortify your future with proper financial security. It's probably best to seek out a financial advisor, and weigh your options for investing and dividing up your winnings.

I can also imagine that your phone will be ringing off the hook with calls from long-lost relatives and friends, and I'm sure every charitable organization across Western New York. Financial experts say that you cannot take care of everyone who is need of help, but first consider focusing on a few relatives/friends and charities that are important to you... Remember,  92.9 Jack FM (and the staff) consider you one of our BFFs!

Once the finances are in place, I would think it's time to have a little fun and enjoy some of your winnings... I think a few of my first new purchases would include a house in either Allentown, Bidwell or Elmwood Village (YES, I'd definitely stay in Buffalo with a few vacation spots for the winter), a new SUV equipped with a driver (just like Mayor Byron Brown), and my own security line at the Buffalo Niagara International Airport (so I can get the hell outta here when the snow hits).

And if you're lucky, maybe I'll buy a round of shots for 10 random people out celebrating the weekend... Yes, only 10... I can't just spend my winnings frivolously!

*Contributed by Keith Kelly